Night ride 4 on the night of October 30 to 31

-968days -8hours -48minuts -57seconds

We use all the possibilities

join our team and find out what you are capable of.



We provide excellent service

Our school for euc extreme sports is the first in the world. By improving riding skills, we develop this sport.


We encourage the desire of children and their parents to learn euc.

every day is new

By attending our training sessions, you always discover something new.

All ages

You can start training at any age.


Our strategy is aimed only at getting results.

What we can offer.

An individual approach for a student of any level and age, support, bringing things to the end, safety and a positive experience.

For more advanced team members, financial and sponsorship assistance for participation in demonstration events.

adult rate


Tariff for any age
Individual approach
Protection, equipment
Training for 90 minutes

Open trails and parks

We only take money
to pay for the rental of
parks, maintenance of our inventory and personal time.

Feedback from our participants

Popular questions

You can start training at any level of training. What matters is only your desire, or the desire of your child

This is very individual, someone masters the element in hours and some do not succeed in years. In any case, we will find out what you have inclinations for and we will succeed.

It is simply necessary! You can’t come to us without him. This is not our whim, but an element of security dictated by experience based on blood and bones.


years of work in the direction of the motorcycle industry

4 +


100 +

MS10 Riders

300 +


6 +